How long does therapy or counselling last?

This is very individual, and how long you continue will depend on your concerns and experiences, what changes you are hoping to make, and whether you find therapy is helping you. You will negotiate an initial contract that is right for you, and review this regularly. Some people find one or just a few sessions is enough, others will continue for longer. Julia will talk with you about your progress and regularly ask for your feedback, as everyone is different.

Does therapy work?

Many studies have shown that therapy on the whole is very effective - this is an accepted and robust finding. However, it is important to keep checking that this type of therapy is right for you. Julia will talk with you about how you feel you are progressing and what the experience is like for you. If you feel something is not working, or there is something you are not happy with, please tell Julia. Your feedback is crucial to the effectiveness of therapy.

How much does it cost?

Individual sessions (50 mins) cost £80.

Family sessions can be longer depending on the number of people involved, and would be charged accordingly.

Please ask if you wish to negotiate a reduced rate.

Supervision is £60 per hour.

If you give 48 hours notice you would not have to pay for a cancelled session. Otherwise, the full fee would be payable.

Julia is an approved provider from Aviva, AXA-PPP, Bupa, Exeter Friendly, Cigna and PruHealth. Sessions paid through insurance policies are usually £120 per 50 minutes. 

How often do I need to come for sessions?

This can be negotiated in your first session. Most people who come for counselling or therapy tend to come weekly to start with. Occasionally it may be possible to meet less frequently, depending on availability.

Please call or e-mail Julia if you have any questions.