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Expecting too be too happy works against your well-being!

'Greater Good' is an excellent site and well-worth subscribing too, with evidence-based articles about well-being, compassion and mindfulness. This is an interesting one about how over-pursuing happiness can turn out not to be so good for you.

Are your happiness goals too high?

(Added 20th Jan, 2017)


MindEd for Families

This is a new site that offers information and signposting for families who are worried about their children, as well as evidence-based information about how to build resilience, how to talk to my child etc. We;; worth an explore.

MindEd for Families

(Added 20th Jan, 2017)


'A wandering mind is an unhappy mind': some research by Killingsworth and Gilbert (2010) that shows mind-wandering is related to our levels of unhappiness. 

A wandering mind is an unhappy mind

(Added 3rd January 2017)


Some short animated clips from the RSA featuring Brene Brown

This one on empathy

Brene Brown on Empathy


This one on blame

Brene Brown on Blame

(Added 7th October, 2015)


A short animated film created by teenagers about their experience of depression.

Facing Shadows

(Added 8th September 2015)


Journalist Carl Honore talks about the benefits of slowness in this TED talk, including the benefits for children and teenagers.

In praise of slowness

(Added 8th September 2015)


Dan Siegal explains the hand model of the brain and how we can 'flip our lid'.

Hand model of the brain for parents

(Added 12th June 2015)


Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about what mindfulness is

What is mindfulness?

(added on 27th March 2015)


Dan Siegal on the difference between 'being' and 'doing' with your child

Parenting - being v doing

(Added on 27th March 2015)


Parents underestimate their children's worry levels and overestimate their optimism - according to some research by Lagattuta and her colleagues (2012).

Parents underestimate children's worry

(Added on 03/09/2014)


Beyond Belief: Mindfulness

Discussion on Radio 4

Radio 4 Mindfulness discussion

(Added on 08/07/2014)


Sonia Livingstone on children and the internet

How children engage with the internet

(Added on 08/07/2014)


Barbara Fredrickson talking about her new book 'Positivity' - the importance of positive emotions. It's short, about 6 minutes, and worth a look.

Barbara Fredrickson 'Positivity'

(Added on 08/04/2014)


Some interesting research about the effects of how we praise children on their beliefs about their ability.

(Added on 2/10/13)


Check out this funny and moving TED talk by Brene Brown on vulnerability

(Added on 16/09/2013)


If you are interested in the application of mindfulness in the school context, here is another TED talk, this time by Richard Burnett of the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

(Added on 16/09/2013)